Prison Outreach Program

We all make mistakes and we all must reflect on the fact that without Allah’s guidance we are all lost. Within the framework of Islam, there is much room for reconciliation between a person and themselves, their fellow human beings, their family, their greater community and of course their Lord.

Reasons we have the Prison Outreach Program:

  • To help fellow human beings.
  • To present an unbiased understanding of Islam to prisoners who seek to learn, hence, giving them a vehicle to reintegrate back into society by being more spiritual human beings and productive citizens.
  • To help Canada deal with offenders in a structured fashion so that they do not re-offend and thus, become law-abiding citizens.
  • We find it as our duty as Muslims to contribute back into society by helping prisoners stand on their feet and regain their integrity. We believe that everyone deserves a second chance to do the right thing.