In 1989, Daarul Arqam was established to meet the needs of the growing Muslim community in central Edmonton. It started as a small group of Muslims offering prayers and engaging in outreach activities in a leased coat factory. With Allah’s grace, the community has grown significantly since then.

In 1998, Masjid Quba was founded at 11517 – 105 Ave. It has served a diverse population of Muslims from African, Asian, European, and Middle Eastern backgrounds. Due to zoning and parking issues, Masjid Quba had to move to a new location, which was found at 10210 – 118 Ave. This new location was an auditorium, featuring a main floor of 15000 sq. ft. and a mezzanine level of 5500 sq. ft. after renovation. The former movie theater and bingo hall was repurposed into Masjid Quba, and the transformation can be seen in the pictures in the gallery.