President’s Message
By the grace of Allah (SWT) Islamic Missionary Association is in its 31st year of operation. We started from humble beginnings with the intention to meet the needs of the muslim community by providing a mussalah for the muslims who live and work in the downtown core of Edmonton, Alberta.

We began in the back room of a jacket factory for Jummah prayers and Alhamdulillah by the grace of Allah (SWT) we have grown to an organization which is responsible for multiple Masajid across Canada.

Masjid Quba: Jama Masjid of Edmonton is multi-ethnic, racial ,lingual, diverse and non-sectarian. Masjid Quba is committed to civic and civil engagement with communities of other faiths and society at large.

IMA’s intention has always been to serve Allah (SWT) and to respect and honor the Sunnah of our beloved Prophet Mohammad (SAW). The organization is not about one single person or community but strictly to exalt Allah (SWT), and to serve the Ummah of our beloved Prophet (SAW). May Allah (SWT) be pleased with our effort.

Our purpose is not only to provide a place of worship for people, but to expand services and cater to the Muslim community and the greater community we live in. Through provision of services to non-Muslims it is our Dawah by highlighting the character of Muslims.

This we believe is reflective of how our Prophet Mohammad (SAW) and the Sahhaba gave Dawah and assisted the people regardless of faith.

Moving forward, IMA has many projects we hope to provide for the community. We are in the process of providing a community pantry to help those in need with food insecurity, while maintaining respect and dignity for those involved.

We are working towards providing a facility for women, to assist those needing shelter from abuse. We are also in the process of establishing a graveyard and funeral services for the Muslim community in south Edmonton.

One service we have been very passionate about is to provide an elders care facility. The goal is to provide care to our community elders incorporating the principles of love, respect, and dignity. We aim to provide religious services, ethnic foods, and culturally sensitive staff. By the will and grace of Allah (SWT) we may accomplish these goals and more.