In 1989 Daarul Arqam was established to cater to the needs of the growing Muslim community of central Edmonton in a leased coat factory.  Where a handful of Muslims offered salat and partook in Dawah activities.  From these humble beginnings, Masjid Quba was established in 1998 at 11517 – 105 Ave.  By the grace of Allah Almighty, the congregation had grown to 400 people offering Jumma salat.  This building was zoned as an accessory prayer hall for 50 people.  Not suitable to accommodate large numbers of worshipers on a daily basis.  Masjid Quba was required to relocate to resolve zoning and parking issues raised by the City of Edmonton.  City of Edmonton had issued a stop order with a violation penalty of $10000 or one year imprisonment.  City of Edmonton had also filed a lawsuit.

After exploring all available legal avenues, we reached a temporary solution with the City of Edmonton with an understanding that we will relocate.  An exhaustive search was carried out to find a new location near the current site.   An auditorium with a main floor of 15000 sq. ft. and a mezzanine level of 2600 sq. ft. located at 10210 – 118 Ave. with 90 parking spaces was found.  Building was structurally sound based on an engineering inspection; mechanical, electrical and roof work was needed to prepare the building as a Masjid.

A three phase renovation plan was developed:

Phase I - Main Floor

Phase II - Second Floor

Phase III - Facade

Insha'Allah Phase I is slated to be completed May 2016.